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Excellent Professional Association in Rocky Mount

At A Touch by Faith, LLC, we strive to support our organizational members across the country in every sector of their work in Rocky Mount and surrounding counties. We're here to help professionals further their careers because we believe that a higher standard of professionalism helps everyone: clients, customers, and professionals alike.

We also provide one-on-one and group sessions, business, and community services to individuals who need the following services: mentorship, motivational speaking, crisis, stress, and organizational management, personal, social, and business development, individual and group sessions, transformational coaching, and small business administration. If this sounds like services you are interested in, please do not hesitate to leave a message or give us a call at +12523306692 today. We welcome you!

Guess what? We also have products for sell that will be great for your collection. We have two books that we are publicizing now within our business: "A Past Left Unkept" & "The Restoration: A Past Left Unkept, vol.2". Check them out in our How We Can Help You section; you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Both books are centered on life happening. What do you do when the battle of life chooses you? Do you remain stuck? Do you desire to keep pressing? Does it feel like you are going in circles continuously? Have you tried moving pass something, but it's just "something" that keeps you locked in or you can't seem to let it go? If so, these books are just for you. Order your copies today!

Again, A Touch by Faith, LLC welcomes you as we look forward to servicing you!🕊

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